The Anvil Project is a documentary that will be focusing on telling the stories of ranchers and farmers across the US, providing education about this lifestyle and what it entails, and encouraging people to support them and buy local. Every year family owned ranches and farms face many struggles to maintain their businesses. They are fighting economic, environmental, and political issues that often lead to debt and inevitably closure. Without them, we loose access too the clean and quality food that we love and the ability to choose how we feed our families.

Through this documentary, we will be showing you what it really takes to operate a farm or ranch, share the stories of both their hardships and success, and how together, we can save Americas family owned farms and ranches. It is my hope that through this project we can provide the information that is needed to inspire people not only from the western and agricultural communities, but anyone who cares about making sure that our future generations have a choice in the food that they eat.

Starting in January of 2025, my team and I will begin traveling to ranches and farms in each of the fifty states. We will continue to film until December so that we can truly capture everything that these lifestyles entail. You will able to follow our journey through social media, every week we will be posting on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube! If you would like to stay up to date on the project make sure you are following @Anvilfilmco on all these platforms! Don't forget to check out my blog as well for monthly updates on the projects progress as well!


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Project Timeline


I will be spending all of 2024 preparing for the following years adventures. My goals are to raise the necessary funds that we need to be able to complete the project approximately $200k, secure all the ranches and farms for each state, and put together an incredible team of like minded individuals and sponsors to help me carryout the completion of the project.


Starting in January of 2025 we will begin the filming of the documentary. However after we visit each ranch or farm, we will be creating a youtube series that will provide an in depth look on their story and operation on each place we visit! We will also be doing monthly giveaways and fundraisers to encourage more participation in the project! While traveling I also plan to setup pop up shops and meet and greets, so stay tuned for when we come to your state!


The final editing for the project will be wrapped up by June of 2026. We will be holding private events across the country to premiere the documentary, stay tuned for more information!


Salt Lake City / UT

APril 9th-10th, 2024

Los Angeles / CA

APRIL 13TH-16TH, 2024

Gardnerville / NV

April17th-19th , 2024


/ OR

April 20th-22nd, 2024