Fifty States. Fifty Ranches. One Year.

When I started my journey in the western industry, I had no idea where it would lead me. All I knew was that I loved capturing the stories within it, and learning everything I could about this way of life. I've worked extremely hard to reach this point in my career where I could teach others, grow a large audience, work with brands and companies, and tell the stories of ranchers and cowboys across the PNW. However as I have continued to surpass the goals I have set, I really had to sit back and evaluate what my ultimate goal for my business would be. What would the peak of my career look like? Then, one night as I was restless and trying to fall asleep it hit me. Fifty ranches, fifty states, one year. 

The purpose of this journey is not just one thing. This is bigger than just traveling to ranches and telling their stories. It's about showcasing diversity within the western community. Providing education about ranchers across the US. Showing how they take care of their animals and their land, and why they are so essential to our daily lives. Along with bringing together this community in sharing its rich history and core values.

I plan to share this journey with all of you throughout 2025 by YouTube videos, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and then at the end of the year a documentary. Throughout this journey, I will also be holding monthly fundraisers to donate to different causes within the western community! The fundraisers will range between helping horse rescues, equestrian centers, veterans, and any other programs I can find that are in need of donations!

This will not be a project I will be able to handle or finance on my own. So I will be assembling a team of like minded individuals to help me accomplish the goals that I have. As we get closer, I will be looking to hire some people for various positions and along with opening up the door to people who would like to help be part of this. I will not be charging a fee to the ranches who are involved with this, as this project is for them, so I will be looking to collaborate with brands and sponsors to help finance the project. I will also be selling merchandise and offering exclusive content, giveaways, and other opportunities through my Instagram subscription. 

My goal for the rest of this year and next year is to start connecting with ranchers, influencers, brands, and anyone who wants to help or that may have connections to help me accomplish this project. I will also be needing to start saving for this project financially so that the expenses can be covered and so that I can hire people to help with the project and accumulate the gear that will be needed to take on a project this size. Here's how you can help now:

Book a session with me! My books will be closed for 2025, but I am eager to get next year booked out! I provide commercial shoots for brands, ranch and equine sessions, and limited family couple and senior sessions, and weddings.

Book a in-person or over the phone mentorship with me! I will also be making some awesome guides that you guys can purchase soon as well!

Purchasing prints, and merch! (I will be adding some new and updated merchandise soon!)

Subscribe to my Instagram! I will be posting a variety of content which will include educational posts, exclusive interviews, giveaways, discounts on sessions, and much more!

And last but certainly not least, sharing and supporting my content! I won't be able to do this without the help and support from all of you! When you interact with my content it helps me further my reach and connect with my incredible individuals and brands!

Regardless if you support me financially or just by liking my posts, I cannot thank you enough and I am so excited to bring you all on this journey with me. 

Much love,

Calli More, Anvil Film Company

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